Check & Fix
Average Costs
Check Engine Light Let’s start with an easy one. If this light is on or not operating at all you will fail inspection. The check engine light illuminates because the car is burning fuel inefficiently. Either using too much gas or dumping too much pollutants out the exhaust. Varies greatly based on reason for light.
Wipers Must be operating and not torn. Replace. Less than $50.
Mirrors Must have two of the following three mirrors and they cannot be cracked – Rearview, Passenger sideview, Driver sideview. Replace with new or used mirrors. Mirror with cool electrical effects like turn signals and defrost cost more money to replace. Normally $150 or less.
Horn Horn must work. Price depends on issue. May require diagnostics.
Windows Windows must go up and down. If one of them doesn’t, something electrical or mechanic that allows the window to go up and down is broken. Doesn’t require a lot of diag. Normally a window motor or window regulator must be replaced. Usually less than $200 per window
Seatbelt Must operate. May be jammed or extremely frayed. Varies based on why its not operating
Windshield Cracked windshield on the driver’s side or that is too large to be safe must be replaced. Less than $300-400 depending on car
Headlights, taillights, turn signal, and all other exterior lights All exterior lights must be operating. Depends on if bulb is blown or there is a deeper electrical issue that requires diag. If a blown taillight expect to pay $10 or less. If is a blown headlight they vary from $20-$200 depending on your car.
Light assembly Headlight or taillight assembly’s (plastic housing the light is encased) cannot have damage or cracks larger than a quarter. Entire assembly must be replaced. Placing red duct tape over the plastic is clever but will not pass inspection! Can get one used which will be cheaper. $150.
Engine Mounts Hold engine in place under the hood so it doesn’t bounce around and vibrate while drive. New mounts must be installed. Varies based on how many mounts need to be replace (most engine have 3 or less) and the location of mount. These can range from $150 – $700.
Exhaust Exhaust leaks (will make a loud noise). Repair or replace exhaust. Varies but normally less than $500
Exhaust Power steering fluid and engine oil leaking onto exhaust (because flammable). Must find leak and fix. Repair or replace any damaged exhaust. Varies based on where the leak is occurring.
Tires Tire tread needs to be 2/32” or thicker to pass. Replace. $100-200 per tire.
Brakes Brake pad thickness must be 2/32” or thicker to pass. Rotors may also need to be replaced. Look to spend $150 per axle to replace just pads, $300-400 to replace pads and rotors.
Brake lines Brakes lines will fail if they are leaking or excessively corrosive and will need to be replaced. Varies depending on length that needs to be replaced. Very labor intensive so look to spend at least $350 and up.
Steering and Suspension Any excessive looseness of wheel or hub bearings, tie rod ends, ball joints, links and rods. Rubber/plastic bushings cracked, crazed, falling off or missing. Parts will need to be replaced. Varies but look to spend at LEAST $200 and up to $800
Struts and Shocks Leak and wear from use over time. Parts must be replaced. Look to spend about $300 per strut and up.
Axles Steering axle boots making excessive noise or leaking. Axle must be replaced Look to spend about $300 per axle and up.
Car Body No excessive body damage – safety issue and will need to be taken to an auto body shop. I hope you have insurance!
Car Frame No excessive rust on frame – safety issue. Send car to it’s funeral!