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12 Easy Ways To Save On Gas

When it comes to our vehicles, it is always a plus to get the most efficiency from the gasoline purchased. Of course, the ideal situation is to understand the culprits that contribute to the quick consumption of our vehicle’s precious gasoline. Let us look at some of the things that have a negative impact on our automobile’s gas consumption.

If a vehicle is left to idle excessively, one runs the risk of also decreasing the amount of miles per gallon for a vehicle. The reason it is not wise to drive at higher rates of speed is that driving at high velocity increases the aerodynamic pull (wind resistance). When we exceed 80 miles per hour, fuel efficiency takes an even steeper dive.

Factors that can reduce fuel efficiency are colder winter weather as well as shorter and more frequent trips. An engine does not operate as efficiently as when the motor is warmed up. Allowing your vehicle to idle in order to warm up the engine actually uses more fuel.

Now that we know about gas-guzzling bad habits, here are a dozen terrific gas-saving tips, which will keep you from having to make those costly trips to the gas pump.


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Be a prudent driver

Never be an aggressive driver. Fast acceleration, speeding, and applying your brakes heavily wastes gas by over 30 percent. Prudent driving is safer for you, your family, and others. Therefore, you would be saving much more than fuel costs.

Observing the speed limit is important

Vehicles reach optimum fuel efficiency at varying speeds, and gas mileage decreases quickly at speeds of over 50 miles per hour. Besides, observing legal speed limits is also a much safer way to drive

Use your overdrive gears

When in use, your overdrive gears help your vehicle’s engine speed decrease. This saves gas and reduces wear and tear on your engine.

Cruise control is your friend

Turning on your cruise control feature while doing highway driving, will most definitely help you save on gasoline because you are maintaining a constant rate of speed.

Prevent extreme idling

Idling will consume up to a half gallon of gas per hour, depending upon the size of your engine and the use of the air conditioner while in idling mode.


Keep your engine well tuned

Repairing a vehicle that is obviously out of tune or has failed a smog inspection, will improve that car’s gas mileage. Fixing a bad oxygen sensor will increase your mileage by over 35 percent.

Use the recommended motor oil

Using your automobile manufacturer’s recommended motor oil grade, will improve your gasoline mileage by one to two percent.

Replace clogged air filters

Make sure to replace air filters at the recommended mileage intervals. If you replace a clogged air filter, it will help with acceleration.

Keep your tires properly inflate

Your car’s gas mileage improves by over three percent when your tires are kept inflated to the factory recommended tire pressure. The tire pressure for your vehicle is found on the driver’s side door.

Remove extra weight

Stay away from storing needless items in your car, especially heavy items. Even an additional 100 pounds in your car will reduce your miles per gallon by about two percent.


At the end of the day, you will have a good chunk of money saved up