The Types of Auto Repair/Replacement Parts

New Orginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts When you take your vehicle to a dealership, they will use new OEM parts for the repair of your car and nothing else. This is the primary reason why auto dealership repairs are costly. OEM parts are generally more expensive than used or aftermarket parts. More often than not, […]

Tips For Better Gas Mileage

Most people get less gas mileage than they should. Many of these often fall for scams promising them of better mileage with a few tweaks such as special magnets, fuel additives, and magic fuel mileage boosters. Many of the products claiming to improve your gas mileage hardly work or even make your fuel consumption even […]

How To Replace Your Spark Plugs Yourself

1. Cut Off The Engine And Wait For It To Cool Down Before replacing the spark plugs, you need to ensure you purchase the right ones for your vehicle. I usually fire up Amazon and filter the selection by the make, model and manufacturing year of my vehicle. If you overlook this step, it won’t […]

How To Change Your Car Battery Safely

Connect A Memory Saver If you want to keep all of your settings when changing the battery, you need to connect a memory saver. If you do not do this, you could face some problems with your car potentially running rough or not shifting as normal. All of your radio codes will also be lost […]

DIY Auto Repair Tips

When it comes to DIY projects, it is wise to leave complicated problems to professionals, and this fact does also apply when it comes to DIY auto repair projects. With just basic mechanic knowledge and tools, you can save both time and money by performing basic vehicle maintenances. Spark Plug Replacement Replacing spark plugs has […]

Common Alternator Problems And Repairs

Many people do not realize that problems with your alternator are common. At some point, you are likely to have a problem with this part of your car. How An Alternator Works The primary purpose of your alternator is to maintain your car battery. The alternator will use the power from the engine to create […]

Brake Repair Tips And Advice

Brake repair can be easier than you can imagine. In some situations, even someone with very little experience or mechanical abilities can do it. Even if the job appears to be easy, you should still know what you’re doing there, so make sure you have your user manual handy. Troubleshooting and repairing the brakes, or […]

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