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Here Is How You Can Jump Start a Car Battery

The Right Way to Jump Start a Car Battery

Choose the Right Jumper Cables

To jump a car battery, there is no need for many tools. To start with, you have to find a car that is functioning so that you can use it for the jump start. Both the car owners must be comfortable while identifying the battery and its terminals, after opening the hood. The most popular tools for jump-starting cars are jumper cables that do not cost a lot and can be easily stored.

Safety First

Before you try to repair your car or perform any basic maintenance on it, you need to be aware of the safety risks. Start with sending all small children to safe areas, that must be nowhere near the car that you are finding out how to jump-start after its battery has given up the ghost. Find time to read the manual of your car.

Jumping the Car Battery


Step 1: Both vehicles should be parked adjacent to each other

The car that is functioning should be parked 18 inches apart from the car that needs to be jump-started, while they face each other. Manual transmission cars should be set to neutral, while cars with automatic transmission should have the vehicle set to park. Parking brakes of both cars should be set so that neither of them can move.

Step 2: Both the vehicles with parking brakes set should be turned off.

Once you have switched off the cars, remove their keys. Set the jumper cables on the ground, while ensuring that the clamps are not touching each other.

Start attaching the jumper cables:
Open the hoods of both the cars, and locate their batteries. Identify the positive and negative terminals of both the batteries. Battery terminals that are dirty must be wiped off with a wire brush or rag.

Step 3: One of the red clamps must be attached to the dead battery’s positive terminal.

Attach the red clamp of one end of the jumper, to the battery terminal that has been identified as positive. The connection to the terminal must be solid and this may require you to wiggle the clamp on the terminal.

Step 4: Attach the other red clamp of the jumper cable to the positive terminal on the battery that is working.

Step 5: The red clamp will have a partner black clamp and this must be attached to the working battery’s negative terminal.

Step 6: Attach this partnered black clamp to any clean bolt or nut on the block of the engine.

Step 7: The vehicle that is working should then be started and allowed to run for a few seconds.

Step 8: The dead vehicle should be started. It will turn on.

Step 9: If the dead vehicle does not start, try revving the working vehicle engine.

Step 10: Now disconnect the jumper cables, the black cables first, and the red cable after that.

Step 11: Take your previously dead vehicle for a drive so that its battery can get recharged.

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