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Understanding The Difference Between A Front End Alignment And A Wheel Alignment

When you have a car, there may come a time when the vehicle pulls to the right or the left. If you find this happening with your car then it is likely because of a bad alignment. It’s fairly easy to fix this problem but it’s something that you should attend to as quickly as possible. Doing so will mean that your ride will be safer and smoother and it will also mean that your tires last longer.

Understanding The Difference Between Just Getting A Front End Alignment Versus Getting A 4 Wheel Alignment

When speaking to a mechanic you might hear them refer to giving you a wheel alignment and at other times you might hear them say a front end alignment. These two terms can mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. If the mechanic says you should have a wheel alignment then they could be talking about having all four wheels aligned and this is especially true when the vehicle is 4-wheel drive.

When a mechanic talks about doing a front end alignment this is specifically the two front wheels. If you’re ever unsure, you can simply ask the mechanic which he means. Either way, having the wheels properly aligned is something that every car owner needs sometimes.

Why Is Having A Wheel Alignment Important?

When the car is first made at the manufacturing plant the wheels are aligned and then tested. If any adjustments are needed they are done and then it is verified by someone at the factory. It’s very unusual for a brand new vehicle to be out of alignment. Even so, over time most cars will eventually become misaligned and therefore a wheel alignment will become necessary.

What Causes Tires To Get Out Of alignment?

There are numerous reasons that wheels can get out of alignment. The majority of these reasons have to do with various driving conditions. If you happen to be going down a road that is not well maintained then the bumps along the way can cause the wheels to become misaligned. If you drive down these roads fast then that can worsen the problem. If you happen to run into a curb or pothole, that can throw the car out of alignment.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms When The Car Is Out Of Alignment?

It’s quite possible that you won’t even notice when the car first becomes out of alignment. Even so, damage can be taking place. Even if the car is only slightly out of alignment it can start damaging the tires. This means you won’t be getting as good a performance out of them as you would if the alignment was correct. This also means it’s likely you’ll have to replace the tires sooner and this cost you money.

The car doesn’t have any type of warning lights to let you know that it is becoming out of alignment. This means that the only real way you can check it is to have an alignment check done on the vehicle. It is possible that you will notice a difference in how the car handles and the most common thing people notice is that it starts pulling to the right or to the left.

What Are Some Of The Benefits To Getting A Wheel Alignment?

Having a proper alignment will mean that the tires last longer and the car will drive smoother. It means that the wheels themselves will face the correct direction which can allow you to stay on course when cruising. It also means that the car will use less energy when driving. You can check your alignment at Leahy’s auto . Call us today and make an appointment.