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What To Do When Your Power Steering Stops Working

What To Do When Your Power Steering Stops Working

If this hydraulic system has a problem, you will notice it: Just turning your steering wheel takes much more physical exertion than normal, and driving your car might actually leave you feeling sore. The main question is, what causes this mechanical failure? And even more important, what can be done about this?

The easiest solution is your car is out of fluid; that may be due to there being a leak or it may be due to not replacing the fluid any time recently. A problem that is even more serious is the actual pump is failing. This isn’t really a common problem, but it is something that can occur to older cars. Also, it is possible that the actual fluid is contaminated, since parts of a hydraulic system stars corroding – due to base wear and tear – and small pieces start breaking off.

The best thing that you can do to prevent all of this from occurring is taking good care of the system, and that comes down to making sure you change the fluid on a regular basis. If your car is serviced on a regular basis, that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, make sure you know what the warning signs are of a fluid leak. So if your car has been sitting for a really long time and there is a puddle or amber or pink liquid is under it, then probably that is steering fluid.

If there is a larger problem with the actual pump, you should take your car to a professional. You will know that a problem is developing since the system will start to make loud groaning sounds when you are steering, which is a major sign that your hydraulic system is starting to give out.

What To Do If Your Power Steering Goes Out While You Are Driving

One common question that is asked is what if you happen to miss out on the warning signs and your system gives ou while you are behind the wheel?

The most important thing is not to panic. Turn your blinkers on and honk to tell other drivers that you are having a problem, and then maneuver your car slowly to the side of the road. Keep in mind that turning is going to take more effort than normal, and also make sure to brake gradually. If you slam on your brakes it can send your car into a tailspin, and you won’t have any way to straighten it out if you don’t have the right steering controls.

After you get your car stopped, turn off your engine and then turn it back on again. If it seems like the wheel is able to turn without any additional effort, then you can try to drive it to a mechanic if you are unable to steer normally then you might want to call a tow truck.

Keep The Steering System Healthy

The best thing that can be done to avoid all of the problems is to ensure that you change your fluid regularly. It is a basic preventative maintenance act that can save you from having potentially dangerous and more complicated consequences. Professional auto repair shopS can help keep your steering system healthy.  Call us today take care of your power steering.