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6 Reasons Why Your Car Keeps Shaking Or Vibrating

When your car shakes or vibrates when you are on the roads can be annoying and a distraction. But most importantly, it is a sign of an underlying problem that needs fixing. At times, the issue can be minor and easy to correct. In another instance, the problem may be significant.

Many of the glitches that occur in your vehicle will lead to the shaking or vibration. Identifying where the problem is at can be hard for the layperson. In such an instance, the best thing is to take the car to licensed and experienced professionals. The auto technicians will assess the vehicle and fix the underlying issues that are causing the vibration.

1. Tires

Tires are one of the top reasons for the shaking that you may be experiencing when driving. We have found that the problem could be due to unbalanced tires or they are worn out. We always recommend that the tires be the first place to check when your car starts to vibrate when you are on the road.

2. Wheel Alignment

It may not be what you are thinking, but it is worth looking into when you have a car that is shaking. We are not saying that the wheel alignment may be the reason for the vibration. However, it may trigger other issues that may be causing the shaking. For instance, you may find that your tires are worn unevenly. Such uneven wear may be due to wheel misalignment.

3. Brakes

The brakes could also be the cause of the trembling you are experiencing with your vehicle. It is most evident when you apply the brakes that the car starts to shake. Such a thing is a dead giveaway that you need to check the brakes. We mostly will begin with inspecting the brake rotors or discs on which the brake pads lock onto when slowing down the car.

4. Axle

The axle will endure a lot of beating that often goes unaddressed. Everything from hitting the curbs to large potholes, bumps, and even minor accidents; all these things can damage the axle. While the damage may not be apparent, it starts manifesting over time. And one of the indicative things that suggest you have a problem with your axle is when your vehicle begins to vibrate, the issue getting more intense as you speed up.

5. Motor Mounts

They are what holds up the vehicle’s engine. Motor mounts, also called engine mounts, are made of both metal and rubber and affix the engine to the car’s frame. The mounts are also subject to wear, just like other parts of your vehicle. The wear will cause the metal part to weaken, thus offering weak support. Subsequently, the wear will cause the rubber to provide inadequate cushioning for the vibrations the roaring engine generates hence the shaking you are experiencing in your car.

6. Engine

The engine is considered the heart of the vehicle. Given the extensive work it does of generating motion for the car, it is bound to have some issues. The fixes for some of the problems with the engine may also be the reason for the vibration. The most significant sign that the issue is the definite cause the engine is when the shaking is uneven, and occasionally happening at certain times.

If your car is vibrating, take it to your nearest Leahy’s Auto. A call to your local auto repair shop can have you good as new.