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Why Does My Car Not Start?

If your engine does not start, your car will not move. Therefore, it is the most fundamental car problem. The starter is a specific part in the engine provides cranking power allowing it to start.

It’s popularly known as the starter motor or cranking motor. It works by cranking or rotating when you press the ignition key or button that sends an electrical signal to the starter. That’s how you start up the engine.

Your engine will fail to start if the battery that supplies the electrical charge to the starter is dead or if the starter doesn’t work at all. If the engine doesn’t start yet the starter is working, there is an issue with the spark, a compression issue or the fuel supply.

Depending on the exact issue, the engine will have a different reaction when you are attempting to start. Here is what you need to know about the various issues.

If The Engine Doesn’t Crank

Here, you could have some of the following problems.

1. Battery Issues – Here, the engine will not crank if the battery isn’t supplying enough or any power to the starter system. You will turn the key or push the start button but the electrical signal will not be transmitted.

2. The Key Won’t Turn – Here, the steering might be locked with the ignition lock. Also, there could be an issue with the ignition system or the key itself.

3. Starter Motor Problems – When the starter motor has failed the starter solenoid is the problem. It is used to transfer an electrical current to the starter motor when the ignition switch transfers the signal. The starter solenoid can fail completely or be damaged.

4. Ignition System Issues – Here, you are likely to experience a few failure points any of which can result in a problem with your engine. For instance, if you turn the key yet the engine doesn’t crank and have checked and confirmed that the battery is functioning properly, there might be an issue with your ignition system.

If The Engine Cranks But Won’t Start

Here are some of the problems that could cause this.

1. If The Engine Cranks Very Weakly – First, check the battery because if it is weak, it’s likely to cause a weak engine crank. On the other hand, the connections from the battery to the starter motor could have become loose or damaged.

2. If The Engine Becomes Flooded – It refers to when the engine cracks quite briefly and stalls then refuses to start again.

3. Lack Of Fuel – Your vehicle might not have enough gas.

4. Fuel Pump Problems – Here, the fuel pump itself might have some problems and so does the engine computer or the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump might be damaged too.

5. Mass Airflow Sensor Problem – If there is a breakdown in the mass airflow sensor, the engine will start briefly and stall immediately.

6. Engine Computer Problem – If there is a problem with the engine computer, the engine is likely going to crank but fail to start.

7. Engine Compression Problems – Here, the engine will start overheating. These problems might also be caused by a chain skipping or timing belt.

In conclusion, check any of these problems to identify why your car will not start and fix them immediately or have Leahy’s Auto check them for you. Call us for a quote.