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Auto Body Repair Shop – The Top Questions You Should Ask

If by bad luck you get involved in an auto collision, your top priority is likely going to be ways to get your vehicle back on the road quickly. Well, this is an understandable fact. After all, we depend on our vehicles every day and getting into an auto accident is a terrible inconvenience. Therefore, to get the best auto body repair shop is paramount. Below are a few questions to ask;

Do They Offer Auto Body Repair Work Warranty?

It is always a good idea to ask an unto body repair shop if they offer any kind of warranty. If the answer is YES Know its grace period and what they cover. They may have a policy that will help you avoid further problems, inconveniences and frequent returns to the shop for repeated issues.

Are They Insured?

Be sure to find out if the repair shop is insured against fire and auto theft before you leave your vehicle there. The question is important, and many car owners forget to ask, due to one reason or the other. A good and reliable auto body repair shop should be in a position to walk you through their insurance coverage. They should have a cover that protects your vehicle against theft or burglary, while it is at their hand.

Is The Paint Going To Match The Rest Of The Vehicle?

A majority of vehicles have a paint code either under the trunk, door, or hood. An experienced repair mechanic should be in a position to match the paint on the car with the area being repaired.

Will They Include Everything In Writing?

It is always wise to ask everything in written form before agreeing. It should include the estimated price, the items used and billed, payment policy, and any other thing. You should be prepared every time when dealing with a collision repair shop.

How Long Will The Repairs Take?

A majority of the time, the number one question on many people’s mind is usually how long will the repairs take. However, when it comes to car body repair, there isn’t always a clear answer. It always depends on the extent of the damage, your insurance company, and how busy the shop is. But when it comes to a reputable repair shop, be assured that your car is in the right hands, call us if you need repairs done today.