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Tire Tread Wear – The Cause Of Unusual Or Uneven Wear

With time, the tire treads wear out, which means they need replacing. There is no way to escape this. However, the moment you see your tire is wearing out strangely or uneven, then automatically know you have an issue. Such issues decrease the lifespan of a tire greatly. The good news is that they are solvable issues.

Uneven, unusual, or strange tire wear is generally a sign of other problems in your vehicle. The exact problem is indicated by the way they wear out, and the problem can be one of the following:

Center Wear

When the center part of your tire is wearing out faster compared to the edge, the problem is most likely tire over inflation. Furthermore, over-inflating car tires cause them to wear out twice as fast than how they are supposed to. Other problems of tire over inflation include a bumpier ride, high risk of losing control, especially in poor roads or weather.

Edge Wear

Edgewear is when both edges of a tire are wearing out faster compared to the center part of the tire. It is actually the opposite of the center wear. This problem is mainly caused by an underinflated tire. In a nutshell, it is quite the opposite of center wear, including the cause.

Either The Inner Or Outer Wear

When your tires begin to wear on one side (either the inner or outer part), the problem is wheel balancing. It is important to note the difference between edge wear and inner or outerwear. Do not confuse the two.

However, unlike edge wear and center wear, which are problems you can solve on your own (simply by putting the correct air pressure; as specified by manufacturers); inner or outerwear is a problem that needs a professional. That is because there are many situations or causes that can make a wheel alignment to go off a bit. Examples of other causes include suspension failure, worn-out bushes, and others. If the problem is left to linger, it could lead to serious problems such as suspension problems.

Diagonal Wear

Also known as cupping wear; it is a type of wear that creates a diagonal scalloping wear pattern. The main cause of this problem revolves around vehicle suspension. It may indicate a worn-out, bent, or any other manufacturing problem to the suspension.

The Life Span Of Tires

There are three factors that affect the life span of a tire, which are:

• The number of years you have had them
• The number of miles they have traveled
• Wheel based problems

Now that you have all this new information, check your tires with us a Leahy’s Auto. You want to call before your tires wear even further.