5 Preventative Maintenance Tips For The Changing Seasons

We have compiled 5 preventative maintenance tips that will go a long way in helping you keep you and your vehicle safe when the seasons change, and the temperature cools down.

1. Tires: It is not only the changing of tires that you need when the summer is giving way to fall, bringing with it ice and snow of winter. You need to regularly maintain your tires through rotation and alignment. With time, the treads are going to wear down, and one side tends to wear down more than the other. This can result in an uneven driving, and can you start noticing a harder time trying to properly steer.

2. Oil Change: Summer is the time when the buildup of additional debris and dust in the vehicle can happen. Dry dusty roads, insects, rain, and other factors that affect the wellbeing of your car tend to be more intense in the warmer seasons, and this is why it is important to have your oil changed. The oil will not only become dirty with time, but it can also start to be sticky and clumpy, making it useless. You need to have your oil changed every 10,000 miles or 6 months.

3. Brake Inspection: The stopping power of your vehicle will be less on ice and snow, which is why you need to have the brake inspected when the season changes. The mechanic is going to check out the rotor, caliper, drum, and pads to make sure they properly function. If your brake pads have not been changed for some time, this should be the time to have them changed.

4. Heating and Air Conditioning: You need a vehicle that can properly regulate the temperature, especially when the weather changes. Whether it has been a comfortable spring season and entering the summer, or if you are fading from fall heading into the winter, it is a good idea to the AC and heating system checked.

5. Tune-Up: Getting a tune-up is a good way of putting your mind at ease before the change in season or weather. A professional auto repair shop is going to have a good look at the vehicle and ensure there are no problems with the battery, ignition, engine, and scanning of the default codes to ensure the vehicle can drive around safely her is one you can call

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