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Benefits of Roadside Assistance

A roadside emergency or auto accident can cause escalated emotions even if you’re typically a calm driver. Even a simple repair like a dead battery or flat tire can become a total catastrophe if it happens somewhere where it’s difficult to get help. Many insurance companies provide around the clock roadside assistance, to help provide help in case you break down. Although this service is conveniently available, a lot of drivers opt out of buying the coverage. Specific insurance coverage is a personal decision, but there are numerous reasons that each individual driver should agree to purchase roadside assistance if it’s offered.

1 – Roadside assistance gives you vital services when needed.

Each roadside assistance program’s unique, but many providers have similar services. This type of service can be quite useful in an emergency, and can include:

Changing or repairing a tire.

Jump starting a dead battery.

Bringing you gas if you’ve run out.

Getting you into your vehicle if your keys are broken or lost.

Towing you out of the snow or a ditch.

2 – You’re covered, not your car

It’s important to check with your provider for the details of your policy, but one of the best benefits of a good roadside assistance program is that it covers you, not just your vehicle. This can help provide you with peace of mind when you’re driving a vehicle that isn’t yours. If you borrow a vehicle from time to time, or if you use a vehicle that isn’t yours, this type of policy can be very helpful. It can cover you if you have issues with a vehicle that you don’t own yourself.

3 – It’s inexpensive

Usually, you can add roadside assistance to the auto insurance policy that you already have for just a few dollars a month. This means that you could pay less than $60/year for around the clock roadside assistance coverage. A single tow might cost you more than what you pay out in a year for complete coverage. The risk of not buying coverage may outweigh the cost you pay upfront.

Leahy’s Auto can help you if you end up needing a service that your insurance doesn’t cover. It’s good to have our number close by to give us a call.