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Dent vs Ding Auto Body Repair

The Difference In A Dent Vs Ding

Basically, a ding is when the size of damage is under a half of an inch in diameter. Additionally, with a ding, there is no metal exposure or paint chipping on the vehicle. Some possible reasons for getting a ding on your vehicle includes the door of another vehicle hitting it, contact with a rock or shopping cart etc.

In some parts of the country, dings can also be caused due to hail. Unfortunately, when hail falls, it can cause multiple dings to the panels of your vehicle. When there are multiple dings, the cost for repairing them can add up significantly. However, there is a particular process to fix dings due to hail and it is referred to as paintless dent repair.

Next, we will look at dents and this type of damage is more extensive than the damage caused by dings. Dents can be caused by the same situations and items that cause dings, however, dents have a larger diameter. Dents are also more difficult to repair especially when they are due to collisions. With dents, there can be a lot of damage under it which is hidden by the depression of the metal. One example of this is when a dent exposes the metal which leads to rust.


Dings are usually at the bottom of the list to repair for most car owners. Also, most people ignore dents as well because of the perception that they are only cosmetic. Unfortunately, this is a potentially very costly mistake. If a dent is not fixed, there will be many issues when it comes to selling the vehicle, turning it in at the end of the lease, trading it etc. The majority of leasing companies charge extra for these issues and many dealerships may also not want to take in your vehicle to trade due to these “small” damages.

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