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Preserving Your Engine: 4 Preventative Maintenance Tips

The engine might look like just a single car part, but many different components make up the engine, and they all work out together to ensure energy has been distributed throughout the vehicle.

1. Keep it Clean: There is a lot of work done by the engine for your vehicle. Your car wouldn’t be able to move without the engine, which is why it is important to ensure it is clean of debris, grime, and dust. The filters will start getting blocked over time, insects find their way into the vehicle, and leaves and dirt blow under the hood. Grease covering the engine traps heat, which makes it harder for the engine to cool properly.

2: Spark Plug Service: You should ensure your spark plugs have been periodically cleaned to keep grime and dirt out of the combustion chamber. The mechanic is going to remove the plug lead then start cleaning the space around it, removing the plug, then using a special brush and cleaner to remove any buildup of dirt or dust. This can seem like a simple job, but it will do a lot to improve the performance of the engine.

3: Proper Lubrication: The engine has a lot of moving parts, which makes it important to always have proper lubrication. If not properly lubricated, the friction of these pieces will start rubbing and gridding, which results in a lot of damage. Some damages are irreparable, and you will be forced to spend money replacing these parts before the engine can start functioning properly.

4: Oil Change: This is a simple process. Changing engine oil can make a lot of difference in terms of the performance of your engine and the vehicle in general. The oil starts to become murky, cloudy, and sticky with time, and this makes it hard for the engine to get the best out of the lubrication system. You should have oil regularly checked and changed every 10,000 miles or 6 months if you want it to be in top shape. Have Leahy’s Auto do the check for you. Contact us as a first step to preserving your engine.