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Which Vehicle Will Keep You Safe in a Collision?

Over a million people die every year as a result of car accidents, with over 30 million people getting injured. There is a good chance you know how to avoid collisions and surviving them, but a big part of surviving a car crash is not the things you do, but the protection in place. This is why it is very important to buy a safe vehicle.

How Should I Choose?

When purchasing a vehicle, many different factors play a big part, although safety is the most important. A single person might not see the need to get a midsize SUV. A family that doesn’t have a lot of money can decide to go with the sedan because it is fuel-efficient or it is the one they can afford. If you cannot afford to get the safest option when it comes to vehicles, there are things you can do to increase your survival when involved in a crash. Below are some tips that will go a long way;

1. Buying newer, especially if used. Getting a used car is a financial move that many people like. The older models usually don’t have the safety features in the newer models, which means you should get the newer model, even if you are buying a used one (Choose a vehicle made after 2005)

2. Checking the safety rating. If you settle on a sedan (because it makes sense for your family or within your budget), go with one that is the safest. Go online and search the safety ratings, do a lot of research.

3. Focusing on safety features. An older SUV with no important safety features such as airbags is not going to be safer than a smaller car that has lots of protective structures. You should choose a vehicle that has backup cameras, emergency communication systems, collision warning systems, and more airbags. These features will increase the chances of surviving the crash no matter the type of vehicle.

You can protect your family when you choose to buy a safe vehicle. This does not mean it will prevent a crash. If you need repairs after a collision, call a Leahy’s Auto nearby.