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How Come My Car’s Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work Right?

Why Your Vehicle’s AC Isn’t Working Right

Is your air conditioner giving you problems when you drive? If your car’s AC is not in great shape things like highway driving, nearby buildings and other vehicles on the road can affect the ambient temperature it puts out. Figure out what is wrong so that you can have cool air conditioning and a safe, comfortable ride wherever you go.

Diagnose the Issue

If the air is not blowing properly, a few things could be wrong with the system. Trust your local mechanic to look at the AC and perform diagnostic tests on it. These pinpoint what is wrong. If your AC is not cooling the car right, be sure to call on Leahy’s Auto.

Common Problems

There is no one blanket answer to all the AC problems out there but a few common problems should be checked for first. Something as simple as leaves, dirt or bugs could be blocking the air compressor. Cleaning the ac will fix this problem fast!

There could also be hose leaks, vacuum tubes that need replacing or seals that are cracked. Other issues include faulty fuses, switches or solenoids. These may need to be fixed or replaced. Another issue could be that your compressor is malfunctioning or the unit is leaking Freon.

Whatever the case may be, a good inspection of the entire AC system will pinpoint what needs to be repaired or replaced. Your mechanic will give you a written estimate of what this will cost you for parts and labor.

No matter what, if your car’s AC is not working right and it is not blowing cool air through the vehicle properly, have the issue looked at immediately. The sooner it is diagnosed the sooner you can have your AC up and running and you can go back to driving in comfort!

Small problems that are left untreated can cause bigger problems to more important parts of your vehicle’s AC system. This is why it is so important that you have your vehicle’s AC inspected and all problems diagnosed by a trained mechanic as soon as you notice something is wrong. Call an expert mechanic to find the problem right away and get your AC fixed fast.