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Important Information About Collision Repair

Even though most vehicles are insured, drivers often are unprepared when an accident occurs. Most people don’t know where to take their vehicle to have it repaired after a collision.

After a car wreck, the damage can extend much deeper than what is visible on the outside of the vehicle.

High-impact collisions can affect the entire car, bending or breaking the body panels and affecting the integrity of the frame. Pieces inside the vehicle may be damaged and the wheels may be thrown out of alignment. Repairing a vehicle after a collision requires careful attention to detail. Along with the visible damage, hidden damage also needs to be repaired.

Repair Costs Can Vary

Different auto body repair shops charge different rates. Usually, shops that employ skilled workers are more expensive than shops with workers who don’t have quite as much training. Even though it might cost a little more, it is worth taking your car to a shop with trained technicians. Thanks to their training, they are more likely to spot hidden damage, helping to ensure that the vehicle is repaired back to its original condition.

Someone with less experience, however, may not see some of the underlying damage. Even though the price they quote you might be lower, your car won’t be repaired as thoroughly, which could lead to problems further down the road.

In a lot of cases, hidden damage doesn’t become apparent until the technician starts working on the vehicle.

How Metal Body Parts Are Affected By Collisions

Body panels can easily become bent or misshapen during a collision. Removing damage like this is not as easy as it might seem. Getting dents out of the vehicle requires special tools. The employees of the body shop need to be skilled at certain techniques in order to get smooth, even results.

The Role Of Body Filler

Years ago, you could identify whether or not a vehicle had undergone repairs by moving a magnet over the surface. The magnet would stick to parts that were metal and would pass over areas that have been treated with body filler. Today, that old trick doesn’t work anymore. Oftentimes, cars come from the factory with body filler. The manufacturers use filler to hide any flaws in the metal from when it was originally being shaped.

One good thing about metal is that it can be bent into different shapes. This makes it possible to remove a lot of different types of dents or damage.

Don’t Give Up On Your Vehicle

Even if your car has sustained major damage, a high-quality auto body repair shop should be able to restore it back to its original condition. The key is to choose a shop that uses skilled professionals to ensure that the repairs are done right. You may find it helpful to think of the cost of the repairs as an investment in your vehicle.Give us a call when you are in a pickle and need help with collision repair.