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Inspecting Your Car After You’ve Had Body Work Done

Want to know how to judge the work your body shop did on your car? This guidance should help:

1) Check For Cleanliness

You can start by checking the condition of your car inside and out. Has the shop washed the exterior and vacuumed the interior? There aren’t any loose parts or tools left floating around inside, are there? Cleaning the client’s car after performing bodywork is a small but significant sign of professionalism. Unless your shop specifically excluded cleaning from the job, you have a right to expect your vehicle to come back to you looking its best.

2) Inspect The Body Repairs

You should go into more depth to judge the quality of the work done on your vehicle after body panels have been repaired or replaced. Inspect the seams between panels carefully. Are there any gaps? Any unevenness? If the shop has done any work on parts that open and close (the hood, the trunk, or any of your doors), test the operation of the new parts by opening and closing them repeatedly. Do they sound right? Do they latch securely and smoothly? Is there any difficulty in opening them? Next, check your engine bay to confirm that everything has been reconnected properly. If the body shop did any front end work, make sure you check your headlights. Confirm not only that they work, but that the beams are properly aligned.

3) Check The Paint

Lots of automotive bodywork includes touch-up painting. This is especially true when you have collision repair work done. Paint matching can be challenging, particularly if your vehicle is older and its color has faded since leaving the factory. Good body technicians will adjust the tint of touch-up paint carefully to ensure it blends smoothly with the way your vehicle looks today. If at all possible, pick up and inspect your car on a sunny day when it’s easy to get a clear look at the paint. Observe the overall color from a distance before scrutinizing freshly-painted areas to check the quality of the finish.

4) Other Issues To Watch Out For

It pays to be thorough before you approve the body shop’s work and take your vehicle back. When you’re having collision damage repaired, it’s a good idea to take a test drive before you approve the work. Listen for any new noises when your car is in motion. Pay careful attention to how the vehicle handles; any defects should be corrected before you accept the shop’s work.

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