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Is It Better To Use Synthetic Motor Oil In My Car?

There is a major difference between conventional and synthetic oil. The following is why this is important.

What Is Synthetic Motor Oil?

It is very important to understand that both traditional motor oil and synthetic oil are made out of refining oil. A majority of synthetics start with the use of highly refined crude oil which is pumped out from deep underground. This is the same source for conventional oil.

The major difference between traditional oil and synthetic oil is their different levels of refinement.

From a technical standpoint, synthetic oil is refined and is also purified, distilled, and gets broken down to its fundamental molecules. The process removes impurities out of crude oil, and also allows individual molecules inside of the oil to be customized to the modern engine’s demands.

In general, this results in synthetic oil protecting your car battery than conventional oil, with some having performance advantages, especially in extreme temperatures and can last for a longer period of time.

Synthetic Motor Oil Advantages

Cleaner Engine

When oil circulates throughout an engine, it may pick up deposits. Sludge can sometimes be formed by conventional oil, which may reduce the efficiency of your engine. Ultimately that will reduce your engine’s life. Since there are fewer impurities contained in synthetic motor oil, it prevents the formation of deposits on your engine.

Higher Protection Against Engine Wear

Engine parts grind together constantly, and the oil’s job is to provide a protective barrier between the components. Synthetics, unlike conventional oil, maintain their wear protection characteristics for much longer, which increases the life of the engine.

Improved Winter Protection

After your car has sat for a while, its oil settles. Then after you start your vehicle, the oil starts to follow through essential engine parts in order to protect it against friction. In cold winter weather, it takes an even longer for these oils to run in a smooth manner. However, with synthetics, they are designed to start to protect your engine the very second that you start up your vehicle.

Improved Heat Protection

There are also summers where temperatures can be very hot. High temperatures inside of your engine may cause synthetic-blend and conventional motor oils to evaporate or break down, which can expose the engine to wear. Synthetic oils are designed to resist high temperatures and therefore provide additional protection.

Can I Switch Over To Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

In the past, there was a myth that you could not make the switch safely, but that is all it is – just a myth. Take your car into Leahy’s Auto and we will change your oil and use top-quality synthetic oil. Give us a call.

During the first initial months after making the switch, it is best to change your oil more often, as you would with an engine that has not had sufficient maintenance, which includes infrequent oil changes and engines with high miles on them, will mot likely have a large build0up of deposit and sludge.

Although driving with new oil can help to clean an engine, it will need to work harder when the engine is dirty. After the initial 5,000 miles, the synthetic oil continues to keep your engine operating clean and you will be able to resume your regular schedule at that time.