Automotive Mechanical Repair Shop In New Cumberland PA

Understanding What Repairs My Local Auto Body Shop Are Capable Of

Car accidents are a common occurrence on our roadways. There are many careless drivers on the road and in an instant you may be forced to bring your car to a local repair shop. It is essential to choose a reliable auto body shop to ensure that your vehicle is repaired and looks brand new.

Paintless Dent Removal

It is possible for your vehicle to become dented simply by a grocery cart or a flying rock. These types of dents can be rather noticeable and if you leave them untreated they can become a rather expensive repair. Auto body shops have the tools to ensure that this is something you do not have to deal with. They have the ability to take care of such debts through a process known as Paintless dent removal or PDR for short.

With this process there is no need for sanding or fillers. A trained professional at the repair shop will use a wide variety of tools that are used in pushing the tent back into its original position. By selecting the right professional they will ensure that the job is done correctly and the original paint job is not harmed. Through this process you are not only saving money but your car is getting its original look back.


If you have been involved in an accident, you will more than likely need a new job. This is going to help the overall exterior of your vehicle as well as improve the look of the vehicle as well. Paint jobs are just one of the routine services offered by your local auto body shop. The professionals have been trained to paint your vehicle whenever it has been scratched, damaged or infected with rust.

Your trained technician will ensure that the car has properly been sanded and cleaned down. In addition they will use a corrosion resistant primer on the vehicle surface followed by a sanding down of the cured primer.

The technician will then use a sprayer to apply multiple layers of paint. In many cases, the vehicle will need to wait about a full week for drying after which the exterior will be polished.

Replacement And Repairs Of Windows

The glass of your vehicle can be damaged easily and in a number of ways. There may be times when it breaks down due to an accident or is chipped or cracked in daily use. There may be times when the glass can be repaired but often it may need to be fully replaced. In many instances, your local auto body shop will have a glass repair technician on hand.

Testing And Straightening The Frame

If you have been involved in an accident, your service technician is going to need to examine the frame of your vehicle for damage and if damage is noticeable, a frame alignment machine will be used to correct it. A hydraulic horse with to work will then be used on the frame for further straightening. Call for details.