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What’s The Best Motor Oil For My Vehicle?

If you value your vehicle and want it to stick around for a while, you will make concerted effort to take good care if its engine. To this end, you should consider using the best motor available on the market for your car. Oil is regarded as the lifeblood of the engine, and you need the oil at its best. Otherwise, you will be without a car.

At Leahy’s Auto we trust high-quality engine oils such as Mobil 1® and Castrol® as they are the best engine oils in the market and you should use these too!

The Import Roles Of Engine Oil

You should always care about the type of motor oil you use in your vehicle owing to the critical role oil plays. Some of the vital roles of engine oil include:

Oil Prevents Friction – An internal combustion engine has a lot of moving parts. The moving parts are susceptible to heating up owing to friction. The oil lubricates all the moving parts, negating friction and as well as the resultant heat. Consequently, motor oil protects the engine from damage resulting from friction.

Oil Help Channel Heat Away – Heat is part and parcel of the engine owing to the moving parts and the combustion of fuel. Motor oil insulates the moving parts as well as helps channel the heat away from the engine, thereby protecting the combustion cycle.

Oil Minimizes Oxidation – The combustion of fuel involves mixing air with fuel in the cylinders. The oxygen in the air mix can cause oxidation of the cylinder and other parts of the engine, especially considering the higher temperatures involved. Oil helps to minimize the oxidation effect.

Way Cheap Oil Can Ruin Your Engine

With the importance of engine oil in mind, car owners should be wary of using cheap oil as it could damage your car.

So, what are the risks of using cheap, low-quality engine oil?

Cheap motor oil can:

– Gum up oil and compression rings, causing the oil to leak into the combustion chamber during the combustion cycle
– Create a tar-like sludge that causes engine problems
– Increase fuel consumption
– Reduce lubrication and cause additional friction, thereby inducing wear and tear
– Accumulate in the cylinder and leak into pistons
– Reduce lubricant flow
– Necessitate expensive engine repairs

Any combination of the above issue could result in serious problems that would necessitate an engine rebuild, which costs thousands of dollar. Moreover, if your vehicle is under warranty, you can void it if you use low-quality engine oil that does not meet manufacturer specification. In a nutshell, your effort to reduce the cost of an engine oil change could end up costing you more. Call Leahy’s Auto to get your vehicle’s oil checked or refilled.