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What’s The Typical Life Of A Car Battery?

Whenever my battery dies on me, the first thing that goes through my mind is “Why today?” I know I’m not alone in this. No one enjoys being stuck somewhere with a dead battery, even at home. If you’re wondering what the typical life cycle of a car battery is, then it’s about three years. […]

Various Air Conditioning Problems That Cars Have

Air Conditioning Leaks Leaks aren’t the only potential culprit. Basically put, you might have to get repairs to your car’s air conditioning system when its electrical or mechanical components are the ones that break down. These can include the pulleys, belts, condensers, electric motors, compressors, and evaporator coils. Like anything else mechanical or electrical, they […]

Spark Plug Replacement 101

#1- Cool Down the Motor Never try to replace your spark plugs until your engine has completely cooled down. You can find which type of spark plug is perfect for your motor by going online to a site, such as Amazon, that provides you with the right spark plug by entering in your vehicle information […]

Repair Of Modern Car Radiators

You may have heard that you can easily fix your radiator on your own. “Just solder the radiator neck or fins…”, “Try this putty or adhesive and the leak will immediately stop!”, or “It is not possible to fix a radiator!”. Now here is the truth, old traditional car radiators were designed fully with metal, […]

How To Handle A Car That Won’t Start?

The best approach for a car that won’t start is to check the battery. Now, you can choose how you want to do this. But if you want the most reliable test, then a load test is recommended. Chances are your local auto parts store or repair shop is going to offer the test without […]

Alternator Issues And Repair

Signs of Alternator Issues Without any tools, it can be quite tricky to properly diagnose these kinds of problems. Battery issues can frequently seem like alternator issues and vice versa. Some of the more common problems include the battery light coming on, a squealing serpentine belt, the battery going dead, and your vehicle not starting. […]

Aftermarket Vs. OEM Car Parts

OEM Car Parts Sometimes dealership parts are of higher quality. Although that isn’t true every time, sometimes it is better to purchase an OEM (dealership) part. There have been times when I installed parts that didn’t work right. I had to take them out and install an OEM part instead. If this is a problem […]