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Aftermarket Vs. OEM Car Parts

OEM Car Parts

Sometimes dealership parts are of higher quality. Although that isn’t true every time, sometimes it is better to purchase an OEM (dealership) part. There have been times when I installed parts that didn’t work right. I had to take them out and install an OEM part instead. If this is a problem that your mechanic has, make sure you aren’t charged to replace the part again. You shouldn’t be forced to pay for that since it isn’t your fault.

Another thing that I want to say is sometimes a factory partis actually inferior to aftermarket pars. If there is a defect if an OEM part that has not been fixed yet by the factory, then aftermarket parts companies sometimes make ones that are better. This is something you should ask about when you are purchasing parts for your vehicle.

Aftermarket Car Parts

When it comes to aftermarket car parts, they are almost always less expensive and are of the same or similar quality most of the time. They might be even better quality in rare cases. For these reasons, I almost always use aftermarket parts. The only time I purchase from a deale is when the part is not available as an aftermarket part or when I know that the dealership part is better than the aftermarket parts. Otherwise, I always go the aftermarket route.

Some good aftermarket part sources include Schucks, Autozone, NAPA, etc. in addition to many online stores. I recommend that you find you like and then stick with it. It is a lot easier to return a part of they know you at the store and you purchase many parts from them.

Whether you should purchase aftermarket car parts or dealer parts is something you should allow your mechanic to make a decision on, as long as you trust them. For most people, it is very difficult to tell which option is better. Have your auto repair professional help you figure it out. Call us to find out more