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Picking A Good Mechanic For Your Vehicle’s Preventative Maintenance

Picking a mechanic to handle your vehicle’s preventative maintenance is crucial. Use the following 4 tips to find a good one:

1) Certification And License: Before you hand the keys of your vehicle over to someone you don’t know, you need to ask them about their credentials. How long has this person been in the industry? Where was their schooling? Who did they get training from? What certifications do they have as a mechanic?

2) Meet The Team Yourself: Its really easy these days to schedule your appointment online or just over the phone. Some consumers actually leave their vehicles at garages or service centers without ever actually talking to someone that works on them. If you can, try to stop by their location in person. Talk to them about any problems or issues that your vehicle is having, so you can get your own gut feeling about how genuine the team is about helping you out.

3) What Do Others Have To Say? Before marketing companies buried the world in advertising, many consumers had to rely on word of mouth to gauge the reputation of any business. Interestingly, the mass media nature of today’s world makes word-of-mouth feedback all the more important. Luckily, the Internet also makes it easy to look up what others think about a business and its practices, as you can actually see the opinions of those you don’t even know.

4) Price Checking: Many kinds of repairs have or follow industry standards. However, some services are going to have different prices between different mechanics, especially if things are happening through your insurance. Don’t just take the first quote handed to you. Shop around for better prices. Even then, going with the lowest bidder isn’t always the automatic move, as it might mean you’re not dealing with a high-caliber shop. Try to balance the two. If you are looking for an auto repair professional to help you figure it out. Call us at Leahy’s Auto and see how we can help.