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How To Handle A Car That Won’t Start?

The best approach for a car that won’t start is to check the battery. Now, you can choose how you want to do this. But if you want the most reliable test, then a load test is recommended. Chances are your local auto parts store or repair shop is going to offer the test without any cost. More importantly, the test will show whether you need to replace the battery.

Another option is to turn on all the accessories of the car, including the headlights. Then check how strong the headlights shine. If the lights are dim, it is likely a sign your battery is not as strong as it should be.

A good alternative test involves using a multimeter. Also referred to as a DVOM, this tool allows you to check several things about the car. One of these is to test the voltage of the battery. First, do the test without turning the key. While the key is in the off position, the minimum volts should read 12.4.

For the most part, the battery is the culprit when a car fails to start. But this does not mean the battery is damaged or past its due date. For example, when the battery cables are not tight enough. Or there is corrosion that prevents contact with the terminals. And the best way to make sure it is not the cables is by wiggling them to check how tight they are. At the same time, check for a while or blue buildup at the terminals. If you see this buildup it means you have problems with corrosion.

When you know it is a new battery or all the tests, the second problem area is the starter. A specific click noise can be heard when the starter shows signs of failing. Leahy’s Auto can test your battery and replace it if needs be. We are available for a call when next you need a check.