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Spark Plug Replacement 101

#1- Cool Down the Motor

Never try to replace your spark plugs until your engine has completely cooled down. You can find which type of spark plug is perfect for your motor by going online to a site, such as Amazon, that provides you with the right spark plug by entering in your vehicle information such as make, model, and year.

It is important to use the right spark plug for your vehicle. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage by ruining the spark plug threads. Aluminum cylinder threads are easily ruined using the wrong spark plug. The good news is you can repair a ruined thread but it should be only done by a professional.

#2- Clean the Debris

Make sure that you remove any dirt, dust, or debris near and around the spark plug thread. You can do this easily with a compressed air duster. If you decide not to do this, you could cause premature engine wear because of these small particles entering into your engine.

#3- Straight & True

It is imperative that the spark plug goes in straight. A crooked spark plug can cause thread damage which will lead to additional problems. Slowly insert the spark plug with a slight twist. If you notice a tightening, remove the spark plug and start the process again.

#4- One at a Time

One of the easiest mistakes that a backyard mechanic can make, when changing spark plugs, is to mix up the wires. This mistake can be avoided by changing each spark plug one at a time. Cars that use a coil-on-plug system are easier to manage. Also, new cars have made it easier to change spark plugs. However, you will need to be attentive when changing spark plugs on an older car.

Auto repair professionals are best at changing spark plugs and getting your car in tip-top shape. Call us at Leahy’s Auto to get an estimate.