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Things To Try When Your Car Doesn’t Start

What would you do if your car failed to start? This disgusting moment can really ruin your day. For years now, cars have become more efficient. However, with numerous moving parts, even the best-maintained cars are sometimes frustrating. In this article, we shall have an overview of the most common occurrences and how to go about them as a car owner, in the event that you are not a mechanic.

You turn the key and nothing runs.

Carefully listen to your vehicle. Even when it is arrogant enough to fail to start, it is still kind enough to give you pointers of why it won’t start. In the event that you turn the key and the engine does not turn at all, the situation may not be that wanting (you can take it to the bank!). The issue most likely would be the battery, especially when the weather is very cold.

When your car just remains silent or just clicks.

•Switch on the car lights. If they are giving out dim light, either the battery is dead or its connections are messed up. Did you forget to switch off your headlights or interior lights yesternight as you left the car? It so happens to a lot of car owners.
•Reinforce and clean the battery system and give it one more try. They could either be loose or even corroded. Cleaning the battery can be done with an old toothbrush, water, and baking soda.
•Jumpstart the vehicle. In the event that it is successful, then have your battery well checked immediately, especially if it is not in a new condition. Leahy’s Auto would be more than glad to help you have your battery checked free of charge and we can even change it for a new one if you need it done when we help with your tow. The situation could be worse still, you probably have a spoilt starter or alternator, then you may require a mechanic or tow service.

What happens when the car cranks but the engine does not start?

In the event that the starter turns, but the engine does not start, the issue can be cumbersome to identify and deal with. During winter, one of the most common challenges is a frozen fuel line, (some open areas near the desert can get so cold!) so be sure to have your fuel tank maintained at half full. If water builds up in your fuel line, the condensation freezes, which means your car will not start.

In the event that you have been frequently driving your car in wet surroundings, either wet engine parts or spark plugs will keep your car from starting. If you don’t succeed, you may want to hand over the problem to your qualified and trusted mechanic here, give us a call today. Essentially, if your car does not start, the problem either lies with spark or gas.