Most Common Auto Repairs And What They Cost

Even the best vehicles eventually break down over time due to regular wear and tear. Choosing to regularly service your vehicle is always a good idea to prevent small issues from developing into a significant problem. Understanding the cost of the most common type of auto repairs is essential to avoid paying too much for repair work.

Here are a few examples of the most common auto repairs and the price you can expect to pay.

#1 Dead Battery

A dead battery is a common problem that will most likely need to be replaced. The cost of a new battery can range anywhere between $50 to $300, depending on the type of vehicle. Many repair shops will install the battery without additional labor costs if you purchase the new battery from them.

#2 New Tires

Keeping your tires well-maintained is essential for safety on the road. The average lifespan of a tire is dependent on a variety of factors. Tires should never be left on a car for more than ten years, as five years is the usual lifespan for most tires. You can usually expect to pay somewhere between $50 or more than $100 for each tire, as this price is primarily determined by the brand of the tire.

#3 Wipers

Wipers are another common repair, as they are essential for driving in wet conditions. You may need to eventually replace the wiper blade or the entire wiper motor assembly for a more serious problem. Typically, replacing a wiper blade is around $30, while more extensive work can cost you more than $250.

Understanding the average cost of auto repairs is always a good idea before you take your car into the repair shop. Doing your research beforehand will help you find the best deal available and avoid paying too much money for repair work. Give us a call today to schedule a repair.

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