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What Does It Mean When Your Car Leaks Antifreeze

The coolant is a liquid used by vehicles specifically in the radiator, and is distributed through all the cooling channels of the engine block, and fulfills the function of preventing unwanted temperature rises that damage the engine itself. It also prevents the car’s cooling system from freezing on the lowest temperature days during the winter.

The coolant acts on the internal pipes of the engine causing a significant decrease in the formation of corrosion as its characteristics efficiently inhibit the formation of rust in this part of the engine.

It is not enough to emphasize the importance of constant and timely review of this liquid in the car’s radiator. The engines can often present leaks of the coolant, and this is due to a diversity of reasons. Read the entire article and you’ll discover the consequences of coolant leaks on your vehicle.

Causes of Coolant Leaks

Damaged camera packaging

If this gasket deteriorates, the coolant passes into the cylinders of the engine block, and when it joins the oil, it causes the oil to lose its lubricating qualities. It also creates rust on the walls of the cylinders, creating the danger that the pistons no longer work properly and therefore the engine may become stuck.

You may find that this gasket is deteriorating when the car spills coolant when the car is parked. When this type of leakage occurs, the engine will not be cooling properly and will overheat very quickly causing total engine damage.

The Radiator is broken

It can be the second reason for the coolant leaks, it happens that the normal corrosion of the components of this device of the car produces holes in the metal of the radiator where the liquid leaks easily, it can also be caused by a direct hit to the radiator caused by the sudden fall in a pothole on the pavement, or in some maintenance session that is accidentally hit by the mechanic and does not notice the crack.

It is easy to detect that this occurs because during the frequent check of the coolant tank the lack of liquid will be noticed. Spillage of the fluid will also be noticed when the vehicle is parked.

Coolant tank is cracked

The good thing about this type of leak is that it is easier to detect, as it can be discovered with a check on the tank. However, it requires prompt attention because it can cause the engine to overheat due to a lack of sufficient coolant.

Cracked radiator hose

These spare parts have a specific life span, because of the component in which they are made and the high degree of heat they can withstand, they must be checked frequently to detect that they are causing leaks of the coolant. As they are made of rubber, they are prone to cracking, so the clamps used to fasten them to the radiator must also be constantly checked.

Learn about other causes

We have referred to the most frequent reasons, but what about those that do not occur so often? They are undoubtedly more complicated to discover, but still represent the same risk of danger. Normally they occur in basic components of the cooling system, they can be:

● Damaged water pump
● Damaged Manifold or Intake Manifold gaskets
● Heater core not working well

A damaged water pump causes loss of coolant and poor circulation of this liquid throughout the system, causing risks to the engine. In this way, the packaging of the damaged manifold is also harmful, generating the danger of overheating.

The small radiator that forms the core of the heater is another element to be checked to prevent coolant leaks.

Performing a proper and thorough check of the cooling system and all its components will prevent significant damage to your car’s engine.

If when being in march you notice excessive increases of temperature of the car, the most prudent thing is that you stop the car, and request the services of a crane to transfer it to the workshop, this way you will be saving time, money and avoiding to cause greater damages to the motor of the car.

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