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Take Care Of Your Car’s Engine

Taking care of your car’s engine is one vital process if you want your vehicle to last for a longer period. Cleaning your engine is one way to prolong your car’s life. It also helps you find the issue if there’s any. Proper engine care should be done now that the number of cars on the road is increasing. The secret to do it? Use an engine degreaser plus an engine protector!

There are a couple of steps on how to properly care for your engine. First, you need to prepare your car before applying the engine degreaser. Shut off your engine and let it cool down. You also need to cover the sensitive parts of your car like the air intake and electrical wires. After that, apply the engine degreaser. This cleaning solution is perfect to clean the belts and hoses without damaging the plastic components of your engine.

Next, let the degreaser sit on it for 10 minutes. You will need to spray water to remove the engine degreaser. Give your engine time to dry so that you can start the repair and diagnostic. After this step, you can then apply the engine protector.

The last step would be the application of an engine protector. On a clean and cool engine, spread the engine protector evenly. Like the engine degreaser, you need to let the solution sit on your engine for a few minutes before you wipe it out. The protective layer will serve as protection so that dirt and grime won’t dig in too deep in your engine. What’s good about engine protector is that it makes your cleaning faster and your engine shinier.

Cleaning your engine is not something you should avoid as this will help you maintain your car. Integrate this into your cleaning routine so you won’t have to deal with car problems in the future. Leahy’s Auto can help with your engine care. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!