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Take Care Of Your Car’s Engine

Taking care of your car’s engine is one vital process if you want your vehicle to last for a longer period. Cleaning your engine is one way to prolong your car’s life. It also helps you find the issue if there’s any. Proper engine care should be done now that the number of cars on […]

My Car Is Overheating! What Could Be Wrong? What Do I Do?

Automotive Cooling System Overheating is a serious problem for a car. When your car overheats and you see its temperature gauge has red-lined, you should stop driving right away. Ok, your car may not be blown up or bursts into flames, but continuing to drive while your engine is overheating can severely damage your vehicle. […]

What Does It Mean When Your Car Leaks Antifreeze

The coolant is a liquid used by vehicles specifically in the radiator, and is distributed through all the cooling channels of the engine block, and fulfills the function of preventing unwanted temperature rises that damage the engine itself. It also prevents the car’s cooling system from freezing on the lowest temperature days during the winter. […]

Vehicle Exhaust Colors And What They Mean

Your car is one of the most valuable assets you have. Therefore, you should ensure it is well maintained at all times. One of the best ways to service your car is by detecting and repairing any issues before they escalate and ground your vehicle. Observing the color of the emissions coming out of the […]

Tips To Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

1. Don’t Brake Or Accelerate Too Hard When you apply pressure to the gas pedal, fuel flows into the engine. Stepping on the accelerator quickly increases the flow of fuel. One easy way to save is by accelerating more slowly. If you pay attention to the traffic around you, you probably will notice people quickly […]

Most Common Auto Repairs And What They Cost

Even the best vehicles eventually break down over time due to regular wear and tear. Choosing to regularly service your vehicle is always a good idea to prevent small issues from developing into a significant problem. Understanding the cost of the most common type of auto repairs is essential to avoid paying too much for […]

Essential Things Needed For Auto Airbag Repair

1. Information One of the most important things that an auto airbag technician will need when it comes to repairing airbag systems in vehicles is the right information. This is because different automobile manufacturers and even different models for the same manufacturer have different methodologies when it comes to disabling the airbag system as well […]

Things To Try When Your Car Doesn’t Start

What would you do if your car failed to start? This disgusting moment can really ruin your day. For years now, cars have become more efficient. However, with numerous moving parts, even the best-maintained cars are sometimes frustrating. In this article, we shall have an overview of the most common occurrences and how to go […]

Why your car engine is overheating and what you should do

If you’re stuck in traffic and the temperature gauge is a `BIG RED’, your car is overheating. While this is rare with modern vehicles, even a well-tuned car can overheat. Generally, overheating occurs when the cooling system prevents the absorption or release of heat. Although the car will not explode immediately, an overheating engine may […]