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Alternator Issues And Repair

Signs of Alternator Issues Without any tools, it can be quite tricky to properly diagnose these kinds of problems. Battery issues can frequently seem like alternator issues and vice versa. Some of the more common problems include the battery light coming on, a squealing serpentine belt, the battery going dead, and your vehicle not starting. […]

Aftermarket Vs. OEM Car Parts

OEM Car Parts Sometimes dealership parts are of higher quality. Although that isn’t true every time, sometimes it is better to purchase an OEM (dealership) part. There have been times when I installed parts that didn’t work right. I had to take them out and install an OEM part instead. If this is a problem […]

Important Information About Collision Repair

Even though most vehicles are insured, drivers often are unprepared when an accident occurs. Most people don’t know where to take their vehicle to have it repaired after a collision. After a car wreck, the damage can extend much deeper than what is visible on the outside of the vehicle. High-impact collisions can affect the […]

What Is Causing My Car To Overheat?

When it comes to your car one of the worst experiences you can have is engine overheating, so when your engine’s temperature rises above the normal it points to a potential problem in its cooling system. Engine Heat and Cooling System Fundamentals The first thing you want to know is to get an understanding of […]

The Significance Of Routine Car Service

Having a car regularly serviced not only reduces the chances of a breakdown but will also provide long-term maintenance and check-ups. This article will provide information on the significance of car servicing. #1: Checking The Engine And Associated Features The heart of all vehicles is the engine. Needless to say, if the engine fails, the […]

Paintless Dent Repair

Small dents on your car’s bodywork can be very frustrating to say the least. Just the thought of you having to contact your insurance company and taking your car to an auto shop for repair is enough to make you go crazy because you are only dealing with small dents. What Is Paintless Dent Repair? […]

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